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Let me dispel the negative rumors about them and help free up money for you to enjoy life on your terms. Learn how you can free up to 55% of the value of your home in tax free income. Help a family member, help with medical bills, renovate or travel. The choice is yours

Reverse Mortgages are becoming increasing popular in Canada as a way of using the equity in your home when you cannot get a traditional mortgage. This is often the case where people have lived in their homes for a long period of time, have retired and do not possess the earning capacity to get a traditional mortgage.

Dispel the rumors:

  • Reverse mortgages do not mean that the lender owns your home. It is registered exactly the same as a traditional mortgage.
  • You will not be forced to sell your home. At the end of the contractual term, you can choose to renew the mortgage at the current rate, or if your situation has chanced, place the mortgage with a traditional lender.

Use your equity:

  • A lot of seniors lived on a fixed income and are not able to enjoy their retirement years the way they had envisioned. A reverse mortgage is a great way to add tax free money to your life, whether it is a lump sum, or a structured monthly payment to help.
  • A great way to help kids get into the housing market is through a reverse mortgage.
  • Use your equity for renovations, vacations or whatever you desire. The application process is simple, and you are virtually guaranteed to get financing. I can assist you in this process and show you the lender will calculate the amount you can get.

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